Good Karma Café: Blueberry pie with quark

Restaurant Day recipe series continues! This deliciously moist blueberry pie was part of our Finnish corner – just next to the laskiaispulla and the Karelian pasties served with egg butter.

I always like to bake a blueberry pie with a dairy product – it could be sour cream, yoghurt, quark or even ricotta or  mascarpone – at least the Finnish speaking internet is full of diffent kinds of recipes. I love the combination of blue and white next to the golden crust and it is the best way to create a nice, moist pie.

So that’s what I wanted to serve our guests at Good Karma Café. This is where I found the recipe. I think I followed it pretty closely. Although it was quite a long time ago… I promise I will start posting more often!

Please note that I’m talking about the European blueberries here, not about the cultivated bigger berries. So now all of you Finns that still have some berries in your freezer from the last summer, now is the time to enjoy them before the next season!

I converted the decilitres to gramms because I know they can be confusing for some Austrians 😉


Photo © by Matthias Obergruber

Photo © by Matthias Obergruber


Blueberry quark pie

2 eggs
1/2 dl sugar (~40 g)
1 dl milk (100ml)1 tbsp vegetable oil
2 dl wheat flour (130 g)
1/2 dl quick oats (20 g)
1 1/2 tsp baking powder


5 dl blueberries (300 g)
250 g (creamy) quark (Magertopfen/maitorahka)
1/2 dl sugar (40 g)
1/2 tbsp vanilla sugar
1 egg

      1. Beat the eggs lightly. Add sugar and keep beating until it is a little bit fluffy. Just a few minutes is enough, with that amount of sugar it won’t get very firm.
      2. Add oil, milk, flour that has been mixed with baking powder and the oats. Mix well.
      3. Pour the dough into the pie shell.
      4. For the filling, mix the quark, sugar and egg.
      5. Add two-thirds of the berries on top of the dough and pour the filling on top. Sprinkle rest of the berries over the filling.

Bake in 200 celcius for 35 minutes. Make sure the filling has settled. Serve cold or at room temperature.


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